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Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form for Shekinah Christian School (Whole Day)

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Students who plan to be absent from school for one or more days for reasons other than normal illness must submit this completed form to the school office at least 5 days in advance of the absence.

Regardless of the classification of the absence, as excused or unexcused, any parent/guardian pre-arranging their child’s absence from school will be able to collect any missed assignments.  These assignments may be completed by the student and turned in for full credit provided the student follows current make-up work guidelines.  

Please complete the form below. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

All students/parents fill out section A & B; Section C for secondary students only


Please select below the reason for Absence:

Reason for Absence (Excused)
Answer Required
Reason for absence not listed above (unexcused)
Answer Required


Parents should make sure their student takes care of the following obligations:

  • All regularly assigned school work should be completed to the day of departure.
  • Students should obtain the assignments of the missed classes during the absence and turn in the work due prior to departure if possible.
  • All work missed during the period of absence must be made up.  The usual period of time to make‐up work upon return to school is the number of days equal to the student’s absence.

SECTION C (Secondary Students only) *

Please list all of the student’s teachers.  Teacher(s) will then sign off indicating they know about the absent and will discuss plans for missed work for the student before they leave.