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Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 Variable Rate Tuition & Fees

At Shekinah Christian School, no student pays 100% of the cost of education. With our generous donors, supporting churches, endowment fund, and other activities like the Shekinah Festival, every student’s cost of education has already been supplemented by more than 20%.


We are excited to launch an additional innovative new way for current and new SCS families to access education at SCS: Variable Tuition.


Variable Tuition Ranges**



Grades 1-6

Grades 7-12

First Child

 $1,704  -  $3,408*

 $2,988  -  $5,976*

 $3,096  -  $6,192*

Second Child

 $1,604  -  $3,208*

 $2,700  -  $5,400*

 $2,796  -  $5,592*

Third+ Child

 $1,604  -  $3,208*

 $2,268  -  $4,536*

 $2,352  -  $4,704*





               *Exit range tuition amount for Parents who choose NOT to apply for variable tuition

             **Exit range amounts cover less than 80% of the total costs of educating a child


Click here for more information regarding the Variable Rate Tuition program and to apply.

Click here for nine ways to reduce your tuition at SCS.


Payment Plans




Pre-Payment in full: A 5% discount may be deducted if full annual tuition is received before August 1, 2018.


Monthly Payment Plan: 12 months (Aug - July) Tuition is billed the first Wednesday of each month. Payments are due by the end of each month.  Any outstanding balance at the end of each month will incur a 1.5% (18% annual) late fee. Accounts must be current at the end of each academic quarter in order for student/s to continue at Shekinah the following quarter.


Tuition for international students must be paid in full before the start of the school year.



Partial Year Enrollment


For students enrolling after the start of the school year, tuition will be prorated by the number of school days remaining in the school year.  Pre-payment discount is not offered for partial year.


Early Withdrawal During the Year


Students withdrawing between July 1 and the last day of school will be required to pay tuition for the entire quarter in which they withdrawal.  For example, if a student withdrawals July 10, prior to the first day of class, 25% of the annual tuition amount will be charged.  If a student withdrawals during the 3rd quarter, their final bill will reflect a total of 75% of the annual tuition amount less any tuition payment(s) already received.


Shekinah Festival


All parents are encouraged to participate in the annual Shekinah Festival which takes place in September.  This is a major fundraiser for the school, historically raising $450 - 500 per student. One half of the net proceeds of the Festival are distributed evenly per student as a tuition reduction/refund in the month of December.


Fees (nonrefundable)


First-time students and those returning after a one year absence)




    First Child




    Each Additional Child


   $  50.00







Enrollment Confirmation




Facilities & Maintenance fee per family



Activity & Technology fee per student



Sports participation fee (per student per sport played)



Optional Testing (ACT Aspire, PSAT, Achv)

$  30.00


Micro Meals

$    2.00


Other Misc. student supplies

at cost


Broken items

at cost


Students participating in the following activities will raise funds.  If enough monies are not raised for these events, up to $250 per student will be covered by the SCS general operating fund and parents will be billed for any remaining balance.


• Class Trip (Junior High Students every other year)


• Class Trip (Junior and/or Senior year of High School)