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Help Us Put Our Staff and Students First!

Greetings Shekinah family and friends,

Our theme throughout our school year has been “My Life, His Story.” I hope you enjoyed our letter a few weeks ago detailing part of the story of our school year. If you didn’t receive it, I invite you to visit our website: and click on the Support SCS menu and then click on the Celebration Campaign (2018-2019 School Year) to access a digital version.  


There is much to celebrate! Our hope is that students would be challenged and encouraged to let God use their lives for His Kingdom purposes. Your volunteer support, prayers, and financial contributions have helped us take steps to ensure that Biblical worldview training happens in a space that reflects the high-quality experience we aim to provide at Shekinah. 


It is with deep conviction that Shekinah Christian school was founded and it is with that same sense of conviction that it has continued for over 40 years. As one staff member recently said, “We still have to partner with parents and students to wrestle with difficult life issues at times, but how we handle those issues is dramatically different at Shekinah.”


Our facility has been changing, some of our academic and extracurricular programs have been changing, but our conviction that education from a Biblical perspective matters is not changing. We believe that during a child’s most formative developmental years, they will benefit from being immersed in a safe environment with Godly caring teachers in an academically excellent program. Our Variable Rate Tuition program has been designed to make education at Shekinah as accessible as possible. (If you are curious, we have enclosed the Variable Rate FAQ’s page). Despite this unique program, our highest tuition rate provides just over 50% of the funds per student that a public school receives (according to data from the Census Bureau). This causes pressure to provide equal quality with half the money. There are Christian schools that charge upwards of $10,000+ to try to obtain more equal resources to what public schools offer. Our tuition is thousands less. Yet, quality requires significant investment.


While we will continue to need funds for upgrading and maintaining our facility, our board and I believe it’s appropriate to turn our attention towards the people in our building. We are inviting you to consider participating in the 2019 Celebration Campaign: People First.


What does People First mean?

People First means that we want to prioritize the teachers and students who use our facilities on a regular basis.  

1. By investing in additional resources that directly benefit teachers and students in classrooms (Those computers we bought our teachers and students nearly 4 years ago are starting to show wear and in some cases malfunctioning. We have been informed we need to increase our bandwidth to support our teachers and students, plus teachers often have ideas to support student learning that require funding even though they are non-technology related.)

2. By enhancing facility security to protect our students and the staff who serve them.


3. By expanding our team so that some of our staff who routinely invest hours far beyond their contract can have a more reasonable workload. We hope to add a full-time Advancement Director whose primary function would be to help market, promote and oversee the admissions process to help us fill our building to capacity while also overseeing our fundraising efforts. This individual would also help apply for grants and other forms of funding to support Shekinah’s mission.
4. By investing in faculty and staff raises (The average Shekinah teacher makes a conservatively calculated $19,000 less annually than they would at a public school and about $5,000 less than the average Christian school teacher across the country. Teachers also forgo most of the fringe benefits made available at public institutions).
5. By expanding our “One More Child” scholarship fund so that no child who is academically and otherwise qualified to attend Shekinah is turned away because of finances.
6. By expanding our investment in annual professional development funding.
7. By investing in our coaches and athletes through refinishing of the gym floor & repainting the gym (a project, like the gym A/C, that was put on hold as other more urgent needs arose).
People First means that this year’s campaign will go to invest first in our people.


I recently spoke with a parent of a Shekinah student enrolled in high school about their experience this year. They admitted that sometimes they wish they would have chosen Shekinah many years earlier. We have heard many positive reports from our 29 new students this year. Were you aware that your generosity has made a difference in our ability to attract and retain these new students? Did you know that if we added 30 students to Shekinah’s current enrollment, our building would be full?


Our internal research shows that it’s the Christian atmosphere, Christian teachers, Christian teaching, chapels, worship, Bible classes and the eternal impact we get the opportunity to have every day that draw families to Shekinah. Would you help us put our People First and make a difference in the life of just one more child?


Would you prayerfully consider whether the Lord may be leading you to support Shekinah students and faculty through a gift in the enclosed self-addressed envelope? You can also go online: and click on the “Donate” tab in the upper-right corner of our website to help us reach our $100,000 campaign goal. Donations need to be post-marked by December 31 in order to be eligible for a 2019 tax-deduction.  After that they will be eligible for a 2020 tax deduction.


For the Mission, 

Brice Kauffman