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Our School Board

Shekinah Christian School board of directors is comprised of seven members with six elected.  Of the six elected members, three are from Shiloh and three are at-large members with preference given to supporting churches.  The Shiloh pastor or his designate serves as a pastoral board member “ex-officio”. 

Current Shekinah Christian School Board Members:

  • Arlyn Helmuth, Chair
  • Jason Miller, Secretary
  • Mark Helmuth
  • Holly Eichorn
  • Jonathan Purdy
  • Michaela Loveday
  • Preston Yoder, Shiloh Pastor 
  • Weldon Shrock, Treasurer*
  • Brice Kauffman, Administrator*

*Participate in all board meetings; however, considered non-voting members of the board


Meet Our Board Members:




Arlyn currently owns and operates Helmuth Builders, a company started by his father and brother building custom residential homes and additions. He has served there since 1995. Arlyn fulfills multiple roles with the company including accountant and office manager in addition to working as a builder. As an entrepreneur, he began a starter and alternator rebuilding business in 2009 as well and served on the Shiloh Mennonite Church Leadership team for a total of 10 years.  Arlyn began his first term on the Shekinah Christian School board in January, 2019. Previously, Arlyn and his wife Carmen also played a vital role on the Shekinah Development Committee (formerly Festival Committee). Arlyn is motivated to serve on the Shekinah board because of spiritual influence that teachers and coaches at Shekinah had on his own life growing up. He says "As a boy, I was always struck by Dad's passion in building Shekinah so we would have the ability to receive a Christian education that he was never able to have. That, along with the spiritual influence that teachers and coaches had on my life while attending Shekinah has instilled in me the desire to give back to the school. I appreciate the fact that I do not have to dissect what my children are learning each day and re-indoctrinate them to the truths of God's Word when they get home from school. If my gifts and talents can help the school in some way by being a member of the board, then I am certainly willing to do what I can." 


Jason has served as a Firefighter/Paramedic at LTFD for 10 years.  Jason has served on Shekinah's board since 2014. Jason is passionate about a Christian education and says, "We are all influenced each & every day by someone or something; having a school where students are positively influenced in a Christ-centered environment is something that I'm extremely passionate about. While partnering with families, Shekinah Inspires students through programs & relationships to be engaged lifelong learners who glorify Christ. With a focus on the mission of the school, I'm excited to see the additional changes, programs, updated equipment, and technology that continue to make Shekinah the preferred Christian School in the Plain City area."



Mark has been with Troyer & Troyer Builders since 2002 and was at Cooley Cabinets prior to that. He was able to attend a Christian school throughout his school years. Mark appreciates the sacrifices his mother made to allow him to attend a Christian school. Mark is married to Angela, a graduate of SCS, and has three children who all attend Shekinah. Mark enjoys connecting with Shekinah families and collaborating with the entire school board to promote excellence so others can have the same opportunity. "I appreciate the Biblical-centered teaching that [my children] receive".



Holly Eichorn joined the Shekinah board in January, 2019. She has been employed for 17 years at OhioHealth and currently serves as a social worker. Other professional roles have included foster care case manager, supervisor and agency director.  Holly says she is honored to serve on the Shekinah board because education is something that she values highly. She is excited about the opportunity to have a small role in shaping the education experiences of not only her own children, but the many others who attend Shekinah currently and will attend in the future as well.



Jonathan Purdy is a self employed grain farmer and part-time youth pastor at Mechanicisburg Baptist Church. While Jonathan grew up knowing that Shekinah Christian School existed, he never became familiar with the school until he and his wife, Amber, decided to enroll their 3 children. Once the children enrolled, Jonathan was able to get involved and he has enjoyed getting to know SCS students and families. Jonathan states "I am motivated to serve on the school board because I love the mission of the school. I hope that I can contribute in some small way to pushing the mission of the school forward."



Michaela is a 2013 graduate of Shekinah Christian School. She began attending SCS in 8th grade after her family moved to the area from Florida. She married her husband, John, in 2019. Michaela works as a Wealth Management Administrator at Budros, Ruhlin & Roe. She has been in that role for the last 2 and 1/2 years. She and her husband attend the Church Next Door. Her excitement and motivation for serving on the school board comes from "the value of Christian education and my passion to see young people led and taught by Christian mentors. I appreciate the spiritual growth I experienced and the Biblical truths I was taught while attending Shekinah. (I) am excited about the opportunity to watch students today get passionate about serving the Lord through education and their future careers." 



PRESTON YODER, Shiloh Pastor

Preston began serving as the Lead Pastor at Shiloh Mennonite Church and the SCS School board in the fall of 2015.  Preston is passionate about a Christian education and says, "Christian Education teaches God's truth, and inspires and expects students to grow academically and spiritually. Christian education builds equips and inspires the next generation of leaders in our churches, our communities, and our world to live out their faith in Christ faithfully. I appreciate Shekinah's commitment to encouraging students to grow in their relationship with Christ, and to support the work of busy parents in forming a Biblical World-View. The alumni I meet, who are both serving the Lord and doing well in their vocations are a great testament to the school's effect. I can't wait to see and hear the stories of future alumni. It is the lives of the students, being filled with God's truth, and passionate about following Jesus in their churches, their families, and in their vocational callings that gets me excited.



Weldon works full time as Accountant and Network Administrator at Rosedale International. He also serves as Treasurer for Conservative Mennonite Conference and Treasurer at Shekinah Christian School. He attends and is a member of Shiloh Mennonite Church. While Weldon is not a board member, he attends board meetings to provide financial updates.  Weldon says this about Shekinah's Christian education, "I know from personal experience (in my own life and the lives of my children) what a major impact quality, Christ-centered education can have on a person’s overall development and world view. I appreciate the opportunity of working closely with staff and other parents in providing quality education for one’s child(ren) both in and out of the classroom; emphasis on teaching all subjects from a Biblical view; and staff taking a personal interest in the students both educationally and spiritually."


BRICE KAUFFMAN, Administrator*

Brice has served as School Administrator at Shekinah Christian School for the past 4 years. Prior to that, he has served as a principal, dean of discipline, guidance counselor, teacher, and basketball coach at other Christian schools. He also has experience as a fundraising consultant that focuses on assisting Christian schools and ministries. Throughout his career he has had the privilege of interacting with more than 100 Christian schools both large and small throughout the state of Florida. He has been attending The Refinery Church in Columbus. While Brice is not a voting board member, he attends all board meetings and collaborates with the board chairman to set the agenda. Brice says this about the educational experience at Shekinah "We use the word 'family' to describe those who are connected in our school community for a reason. I've watched faculty, staff, students, and parents jump in and care for others in ways that are rarely seen in today's world. We are very intentional about offering opportunities both as a whole school, in smaller groups, and one-on-one for students to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to wrestle with difficult life questions. We want Shekinah to be a safe place for students. We want to maintain the strong Biblical foundation established through much hard work and sacrifice over 37 years ago. I'm so thankful for the community of people who united to build this place and make the family-atmosphere a normal part of our culture. It's been a privilege to watch the overwhelming support for improvements in technology, classroom spaces and teacher training over the last two years. Our senior students have averaged multiple points above the state ACT average for the last 13 years and we want to continue to take steps to ensure students to prepare students with 21st century skills for success in college and beyond."