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School Uniform Policy

From the Shekinah Handbook
Our dress code and personal appearance standards are meant to uphold a standard of consistency and excellence. Students enrolled at Shekinah Christian School should remember that they represent at Shekinah Christian School and their testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ whether at school or away. 


Boys pants: Navy blue or khaki (Docker or cargo style)

Boys shirts: White, light blue, navy blue, or burgundy (knit polo with a collar)

Girls skirts or jumpers: Navy blue or khaki. Girls skirts/jumpers are to be knee length or longer.

Girls pants: Navy blue or Khaki dress slacks. Pants must be modest, loose-fitting and in good repair.  Pants must not be made of stretch fabric.  They are not to be  form-fitting or otherwise immodest in appearance. No denim fabric or capri styles. 

Girls shirts: White, light blue, navy blue, or burgundy (knit polo with a collar)

  • Parents may purchase navy blue or khaki pants, skirts, or jumpers from a retailer of their choice. Color consistency will be regulated by color swatches to define acceptable color, brightness and fade levels.
  • Shirts are to be purchased through French Toast to provide modesty through fabric type and style and to supply color consistency. Shirts can be purchased in any of the following ways: 1)Online at 2)Via their catalog, or 3)Through local retailers. If you purchase online at, use our school code QS44NM4 and French Toast will give 5% of net sales back to Shekinah.
  • Shirts are to be contrasting colors to the pant, skirt, or jumper.
  • For both boys and girls, shirts with buttons should all be buttoned, except the top one.  
  • Any undershirts (example: t-shirts or layered shirts) should be tucked in.
  • Socks for boys and girls may be white, light blue, or navy blue.
  • Athletic shoes or dress shoes may be worn, any of which must be closed toe.
  • A navy blue button-down/zipper vest may be worn, but is not required. For cooler months Students may wear hoodies, jackets, and sweaters to class, but these should be one of the school colors. The colors are white, light blue, navy blue, gray and burgundy. 
  • School uniform is to be worn from time of arrival on campus to the end of the school day.
  • All clothing must be modest, neat, and clean.
  • All clothing must have a traditional fit. Oversized, tight, or short styles are not permitted.
  • Consideration should be given to the growth of your child. Choose garments with at least 2” of hem for alterations.
These guidelines are considered the standard for the school; however, they are not intended to supersede a more conservative application by families or congregations. Adjustments of this standard must be approved by the administration.