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School Uniform Policy

From the 2019 Shekinah Handbook


Our dress code and personal appearance standards are meant to uphold a standard of consistency and excellence. Students enrolled at Shekinah Christian School should remember that they represent Shekinah Christian School and their testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ whether at school or away. The Bible calls believers in Jesus Christ to not use outward appearance as a means to selfishly or pridefully attract attention. All clothing worn at school and school-approved activities must be modest, neat, and clean. For this reason, oversized, tight, or short styles are not permitted.


General Guidelines

  1. School uniform is to be worn from time of arrival on campus to the end of the school day.
  2. Parents may purchase navy blue or khaki pants, shorts (for boys), skirts (for girls), or jumpers (for girls) from a retailer of their choice.
  3. French Toast is the preferred provider of uniform shirts to provide modesty through fabric type and style and to supply color consistency. Shirts can be purchased in any of the following ways:
    1. Online at www.Frenchtoast.comIf you purchase online at, use our school code QS44NM4 and French Toast will give 5% of net sales back to Shekinah. It is also important to use the code to ensure you are only purchasing from the approved uniforms listed on French Toast.
    2. Via the French Toast catalog 
    3. Through local retailers. Some Meijer stores also carry French Toast clothing. 
  4. It is recommended that students wear shirts that are contrasting colors to their pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers.
  5. For both boys and girls, shirts with buttons should all be buttoned, except the top one.
  6. Any undershirts (example: t-shirts or layered shirts) should be tucked in.
  7. Socks must be worn with shoes, must contain no more than two colors, and should match the uniform
  8. Closed-toe dressshoes, loafers or athletic shoes should be worn. All shoes must have a hard, rubber sole. (to avoid leaving marks on the gym floor)
  9. Sandals, crocs, and slippers are not permitted.
  10. For cooler months all students may wear hoodies, jackets, and sweaters to class, but these should be of a color that is closely related to official school colors. Acceptable colors include: white, navy blue, light blue, orange, and gray. Small logos (including the Shekinah logo) are permitted, but words (other than small brand names) are not.
  11. Coats, hats, snow/hiking boots and other outer apparel (this includes blankets) may not be worn during class except by special exception granted by the school administration during inclement winter weather.

    Dresscode and uniform guidelines are considered the standard for the school; however, they are not intended to supersede a more conservative application by families or congregations.



Pants: Navy blue or khaki (docker or cargo style). Pants may not be a jean material. No sagging of pants is permitted.

Shorts: Navy blue or khaki in color. No cargo-style shorts.  Should be knee length.

Shirts: White, light blue, navy blue, or burgundy (knit polo with a collar).


Skirts/jumpers: Navy blue or khaki. Should reach the top of the knee or be longer.

Pants: Navy blue or khaki dress slacks. Pants must be loose-fitting and modest in appearance. No denim fabric or capri styles. 

Shirts: White, light blue, navy blue, or burgundy (knit polo with a collar)

Girls may wear tights or leggings with their skirts that are solid colors or have no more than two colors and match the rest of the uniform.   

Personal Appearance

Faculty, parents and students should encourage one another to represent Shekinah, and Christ, in a positive manner that aligns with the vision, mission, and core values of the school regardless of whether the event is or is not a “staff supervised event”. Personal appearance clearly violating SCS’s core values or in any manner detrimental to the school may warrant disciplinary action.

  • Cosmetics that do not draw attention or significantly alter the natural appearance may be worn.
  • Young ladies may wear one stud earring per ear lobe. Young men may not wear any pierced jewelry.
  • Jewelry, other than one stud earring per earlobe, may not be worn during the school day.
  • Shoes and socks must be worn during the school day.
  • Any pictures, messages, and symbols worn during school-related activities must not contradict the mission and values of the school.
  • Hair should be neatly groomed. Generally, boys should aim to have short hair that does not touch the eyebrows, is no lower than halfway down the ear, and does not touch the shirt collar. No extreme styles from boys or girls (such as shaved heads, mohawks, pony tails for guys, etc.) or non-natural hair colors (blue, pink, green, etc.) will be permitted. If administration deems a hairstyle to distract from the school’s mission and core values or from the students’ ability to focus on their studies, the student will be asked to change it.
  • Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building during regular school hours.
  • Low necklines, open backs, or bare midriffs are not allowed.
  • Students are discouraged from obtaining tattoos while attending SCS. If a student has a tattoo, it must be covered up at all times at all school and school-related events
  • Skirts should be as close as possible to knee-length for modesty purposes. If students are wearing a skirt deemed too short, they will be asked to change.
  • Shorts used for PE or athletic events should be as modest as possible. The school is aware that it has become increasingly difficult to find shorts that actually reach to the knee. This does not mean that any length of shorts is permissible. If students are wearing shorts deemed too short, they will be asked to change.
  • On special occasions, students are given an opportunity to dress down, dress up, or wear “school Spirit wear” during a normal school day. On these special days, students must follow the guideline exceptions below or abide by the regular dress code policy.


Dress Down Day Exceptions to Dress Code

    1. Students may wear t-shirts (no sleeveless tops). No offensive phrases, language, or symbols are permitted.
    2. Students may wear jeans or capri’s (for girls).
    3. Shorts are permitted for guys
    4. No sweatpants are permitted.
    5. No holes in clothing are allowed.

Spirit Day Exceptions to Dress Code

    1. Students may wear Shekinah Christian School spirit gear or school colors.
    2. Students may wear jeans or capri’s (for girls).
    3. Shorts are permitted for guys
    4. No sweatpants are permitted.
    5. No holes in clothing are allowed.

Dress Up Day Exceptions to Dress Code


    1. Girls may wear dresses, skirts or dress pants (no jean material).
    2. Girls are not permitted to wear jeans of any kind
    3. Girls should not wear t-shirts or other casual wear with skirts
    4. Dresses and skirts need to be modest. No sleeveless. No spaghetti straps. 

    1. Boys may weardress They may be black or gray.
    2. Boys are not permitted to wear jeans or khaki pants 
    3. Boys may wear dressshirts of any color. No flannels or “cowboy” shirts.
    4. Vests, suspenders, or sweaters may be worn over dressshirts.
    5. Bow ties or ties are mandatory.


Consequences for Violation of Dress Code & Personal Appearance Expectations

Students who choose to violate the Shekinah dress code will be referred to the office immediately upon discovery of the violation. They will be expected to change into clothes available at the school that meet the school dress code or to call their parents to bring appropriate clothes. Students who violate the dress code also lose the opportunity to dress down for the next Dress Down Day. Subsequent violations of the dress code may result in further disciplinary action.