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Physical Education Waiver Form
  • Physical Education Waiver

    This form should be filled out by student athletes who want to use their participation in interscholastic sports to fulfill their PE requirement. 


    Students are required to have a 0.5 credit of Physical Education to graduate. One sport = 0.25 credit waiver. If you participate in the PE Waiver opportunity, you still need to take another 0.5 credit of classes. The waiver does not constitute any credit on the transcript. 

    Once this form is submitted, it will be verified and approved by both the school Athletic Director and a School Administrator. A copy of this PE Waiver should be kept in the student's cumulative file. 

  • By submitting this form, I am indicating that I have completed 1 full season of an interscholastic sport while in high school. Based on the eligibility standards set forth by the Ohio Department of Education, I am eligible to receive a PE Waiver upon the completion of 2 full seasons of an interscholastic sport while enrolled in high school at Shekinah Christian School. I have been informed that I must identify and take another class to fulfill the 0.5 credit requirement that the PE would otherwise have fulfilled. I have also been notified that I am not allowed to match one year of PE participation with 1 year of sport participation for the waiver eligibility.