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             Grades                         Grades                      International

                K - 8                              9-12                       Please contact

              $8,495                          $9,995                       school office

                        Application Fee: $125 for first child, $75 each additional child, and $500 for international students.

School fees:
Facilities: $400 (per family)*
Activity & Technology K-5: $300*
Activity & Technology 6-12: $400*
*Facilities, Activity, & Tech fees are capped at $1500 per family.
Other miscellaneous fees such as sports participation, ACT Aspire, and PSAT may apply. 

Shekinah Christian School offers a Pre-payment discount or Payment Plans. Students enrolling after the start of the school year will be prorated by the number of school days remaining in the school year. A pre-payment discount is not offered for partial-year enrollment.