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  • Order Your 2024 Yearbook
    Order your yearbook today     MAKE THE MEMORIES LAST A LIFETIME      School years mean so [ ... ]

    Order your yearbook today


          School years mean so much more than students may realize. Capture firsts, lasts, and everything in between in the Shekinah Christian School Reflections yearbook. Reserve your copy today.


    Jostens has set up a special order for us to keep our traditional offer.  The first copy per family is $20. The second copy is $15, and the third copy is $10. To order multiple copies, click on the link above.  Order the first copy and then scroll down 
    to "Other" on this online order form.   If you think you might have earned a free yearbook either by winning a challenge question in The Flame, or by selling 15 value cards, check with Mrs. Shetler to confirm.  

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